Friday, February 10, 2012

Fatherless LIFE

I am just trying to get a hold of the issue of Life and the total disregard for Life.  There are question I have to peoples articulation of when life begins and who decides when to end it.  The compromising statements of abortion are so schizophrenic and morally unreasonable in thought.  America so contradicts the stance on abortion and the issue of Life.  The is a major issue the we have become so passive about especially in the western church ( America ).  From a biblical and even non-biblical point of view there is clarity in this, and it is very obvious, yet we are afraid of offending people so we throw out what is right and true.  We have become so quick to give up and not fight for what we believe and know is true.  It's why we have such a high divorce rate and and increase of single mothers. 


I was on an outreach in Kansas City, Kansas.  A group of us from the International House of Prayer, went out to and abortion clinic one Saturday to have a LIFE Siege.  Our objective was not to protest the issue of abortion. Rather our intent was to hold a silent prayer meeting in front of the clinic and not condemn people, but rather to plead to a higher court in the Heavenly Throne Room where God sits.  We had a piece of red tape on our mouth that said LIFE on it, so we couldn't talk any ways and protest.  We just stood all around the building and prayed to the God who is able to do exceeding and abundantly more than we can ask or think ( Ephesians 3:20-21) to save souls and reveal truth.  We are giving a voice to the voiceless.  You see humanism and social justice would protest and do a lot of ignorant things in their own strength.  We actually believe that prayer works and we have seen it work considering we where before the last abortion clinic standing in Kansas, due to the prayer meetings we have held at others. 

Now this is a controversial issue and I understand that, but I also don't really care how controversial it is.  It is time that voices start coming forth that challenge the wickedness and ignorance of this time in history.  I am a messenger of the Gospel of my Lord Jesus the Christ. And I am more concerned with what the Man who formed the foundations of the earth and spoke LIFE into existence says.   You can justify your laziness and lack of truth all you want, and just be complacent all you want.  But I am deciding to actually be a voice of the Lord to a completely compromising generation, and begin to see hearts turned toward the Lord and His salvation be revealed to the whole earth.

Thus says the Lord, "Keep justice, and do righteousness, for soon my salvation will come, and my deliverance will be revealed.  Blessed is the man who does this, and the son of man who holds it fast. . . . .  Isaiah 56:1-2

                                                  This will Challenge you to the Core!    

We can argue all day and look at science and faith.  The fact is that abortionist don't want science to have evidence on one issue and that is abortion.  At 8 weeks it is proven fact that the baby has brain waves, a heart beat, functioning liver, functioning kidneys, a fingerprint, and recoils from a prick.  And the argument is that it is not a life and that is a woman's body and she should be able to do what ever she wants with it. By law if a man assaulted a woman that was pregnant and the baby died, He would be tried for manslaughter!  But when it comes to abortion that baby is not human ans has no life yet.  We can maintain the life of a premature baby after 20 weeks, yet it is viable to kill a baby after 20 weeks.  "How can we buy into this unless we are just willing to suppress truth                        ( Romans 1:18 ) "  - Matt Chandler -

When I was at the LIFE Siege, God spoke to my heart and said " Do you see the issue?  This is due to fatherlessness."   You see the black community contributes to abortion a lot.  Most abortions are given to single African American woman, and present trends show that the African American race is decreasing at an increasing rate because of abortion.  This is the case with every race really.  Abortion is Murder scientifically and in the eyes of God.  We kill lives that are made in His image, and their blood is on our hands in this nation. 

I have it settle in my heart to speak out and confront the lack of men leading in this generation.  That it is on our hands to lead families, take on responsibility no matter what, and to love and honor woman and children as we should.  This is one of the main reason abortion has become out of control, there is a lot more to this that I cannot cover in a blog.  But I can confront the issue of lack of male leadership from men in this issue. 

"So whatever else we do, let's frame the question of abortion correctly. Abortion is the most drastic form of fatherlessness possible. Let's not talk anymore about "a woman's body." A woman's body is just what the man deserts."  -Douglas Wilson- A Woman's Body and Fatherlessness

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  1. Excellent, and I love it when I hear people who say it like it really is! Blessings to you as you stand for LIFE!