Thursday, September 8, 2011

 Dear Friends and Family,

It is a joy to write to you.  The Lord is truly on a move amongst the church in these days.  It is a critical hour that we are in as a community, church and nation.  We truly need to partner together in the place of prayer, fasting and proclaiming the Gospel to every tribe and tongue.  As many of you know the Lord has called me to ministry - specifically in the area of missions.  At some points I have been reluctant to do so, but the Lord has been merciful and I am fully submitting to the call on my life to be a missionary.

This is both humbling and an honor to have such a call.  I will be training and based at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOP-KC).  IHOP is a mission base established around Night and Day Prayer (24/7) for the purpose of ministering to Jesus, equipping the saints for the works of ministry and to see revival that will bring the Great Harvest world wide.  IHOP-KC, the 24 hour-a-day House of Prayer is established around the Tabernacle of David as mentioned in Acts 15:14-18 and Amos 9-11.  

At the IHOP Mission Base, I will be centered in the place of prayer as well as deep study of scripture that will prepare my heart to do acts of justice.  As I prepare in the place of study, I will be on a rigorous schedule of prayer, fasting, study, service and acts of justice.  It is vital that as a missionary I be prepared in the areas of humility, tenderness of heart and vision for what the Lord wants to do in this grave hour of history.  We need ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church!

It is vital that we not go on our own humanistic desires or social justice acts to bring change and better things.  We need the Lord to break in ,and we need to cry out to Him.  Luke 18:7-8 talks about the Lord bringing about justice to those that cry out to Him day and night, and that He will come speedily if He finds faith on the earth.  At the International House of Prayer I will be highly trained in ministry and truly humbled around the place of prayer.  I must be equipped and tender of heart to do such acts of justice and step into my calling.

I can’t do this alone; I need partners to run with me in the place of prayer and financial support.  It is urgent to join together and see the Lord break in on our communities, nation, and church.  Please consider partnering with me as I give my life to see Jesus lifted up and known throughout the world. I will boldly say that when you partner with me, we are partnering with God.  Attached you will see info on Partner Opportunities.    Thank you and God Bless your life!

Tim Fraim
International House of Prayer

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