Saturday, July 31, 2010

Living Water!

It is my pleasure to be able to wright to you again. As I give thanks to the Lord for you, and lifting you up on my prayers to the Father, my heart rejoices with a shout of thanksgiving. What I do here in Manaus, and in the Amazon Region, is not possible without your loving kindness of support! It is a Joy to be able to walk in this mission together, and share in the riches of the fruit we will see is our lives from partnering together.

As I have returned from a trip to the interior of the Amazon. I must say that as one of the many trips to the interior, it was a success. As we set out I had great expectations to see lives changed. One of the ways I knew this was going to happen was in a very practical way. It is that 70% of disease and sickness in the villages is due to the poor water quality. One of the objectives when going to a village is to put a water filtration system in. So when we install one of these, 70% of sickness and disease can be eliminated.

On this trip we were able to install three filter systems in the village. The water system consist of different minerals placed at certain levels in the container. First we put a certain rock on the bottom, then a layer of rough sand, and then on the top is a very fine sand. These minerals are very specific in the way we put them in and the types we use. These filters last up to ten years before they need changed. So we then have a serial number that we put into the GPS so we can track where they are and when they need changed. It was more of a science lesson for me. But I testify that it really works! It was a very natural and practical form of filtration. Let me tell you it gets better!

So as we install these water filters, we have a great time to get to know the people. We show them how the system works. Then we tell them how we work. That we are here in the name of Jesus and that with the same love he showed us we now show to them. So we share with them about the living water in John 7:37-39. We tell them that there is a water even better then the water that comes out of the filter. Then we tell them to keep purifying water and share with other villages and share with them the same message. We equip them with Bibles, and teachings to help them. It is an amazing experience to see darkness in peoples lives have light come upon them and fill their hearts with Joy. You can physically feel the oppression be lifted and the peace of the Lord fill them with the revelation of His love.

My heart has been so tenderized since my coming to Brasil. The Lord has been showing me how he feels about people and what his desires are. I get to see a lost, broken, and poor people. But I don't just sit and stare, I have the chance to be a witness to them and share the Love of Christ that surpasses all knowledge. I get to share His heart and love people the way that he would love them. There is a big difference between missions and a humanitarian effort. You see when we do missions in the name of Jesus we get to offer Hope. If we just fed and clothed people all we did was change their lifestyle a little bit, But when we speak the Kingdom of God we give Hope and Love and change the rest of their lives! This is what we are doing friends, not just offering help but giving a solution! THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Blessed be the name of Lord from this day forth and forever more! Hallelu-JAH

To Him be Glory,

Tim Fraim,
Riverside Global Missions

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  1. Excellent update!! It's encouraging to see God move so mightily when the practical needs of people are met first. Amazing statistic that you listed - what better gift than natural water and Living Water! WOW! Timmy, you REALLY are living the dream now more than ever, I can see it in your eyes :). Great pics!!