Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I have arrived!

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good! I am here safe and sound in the city of Manaus, Brazil. I would be impossible for me to be here without faithful and loving supporters, which I give thanks for every day remembering you in my prayers. It is an exciting journey we are about to take. And we get to share in this journey through sowing and praying.
I working on getting settled in here to the city of Manaus. It is a city with a population of about 2 million. I am spending much of my time learning my way around the city, and mostly studying the language ( portuguese ). I am been blessed to have a great family and church here to help support me and train me. I also teach them English as they teach me Portuguese. There has not been much of a language barrier being that most Brazilians know some English.
Monday I will be helping take a team from the states out to the interior ( jungle ) on the Ray of Hope boat. There we will be building a church and ministering to the communities surrounding. I will be having pictures to follow of the work that takes place. I am working at giving you the best vision of what you are partnering in. I am so joyful to share in the journey with you. Please pray for our safety as we prepare to go into the interior and as we travel.

Grace and peace to you,

Tim Fraim
Riverside Global Missions


  1. God bless you friend! Can't wait to see those pics!

  2. sweetness friend!
    i was just lookin for a blog update last night and what do you know.. there she be today!
    i'm so excited that we really do get to share this with you through the spirit.. with praying and interceding. God is so great. love how He'll let that all work out!! =)