Wednesday, February 13, 2013


On February 26th, myself and four other people will be setting off to take Nefarious Merchant of Souls to Europe.  We will be starting in Denmark then going to Netherlands,  Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.  There are a few objectives to this Tour.  We are to screen Nefarious, work alongside ministries and organizations that are on the front lines of fighting sex trafficking, and working with Government official in each country; to urge them to sets laws in place to protect and rescue these women and children that are enslaved to this crisis, and prosecute the men who induce this industry.  
We will be in the heart beat of the Mafia groups that run this industry.  

I have been at the International House of Prayer and working with Exodus Cry for over a year now.  This trip like many others has giving me a front row seat the the effects of the sex industry.  I have had tremendous opportunities to be on  the streets with the women, children, and young men who  have fallen prey to prostitution.  I have seen things that I wish nobody should see or anyone should go through.  As I have had this front row seat to the injustice of the sex industry I can't help but see a common theme that drives this darkness.  

Men thrust the sex industry froward and induce the rape of our women, children even young boys.  We are living in a fatherless generation.  As the church we are not discipling and leading the youth in the way in which they should go.  They are being taught what sex  and relationship is by TV and internet.  It's not just s social problem, its a church problem.  Less and less leaders these days are preaching the truth of the scripture to insure that they do not offend anyone.  Majority of what we hear is a topical message on how to make life a little better outside the testimony of Jesus Christ, and the teaching of His Apostles.  

I have it settled in my heart, that I can't sit and watch this go by, and say whats wrong without being part of the solution.  There is always going to be victims, as long as there are perpetrators. 

I feel the burden to see men live, teach, and embody biblical masculinity.  I see discipleship done with an intentionality Jesus gave to His disciples and the Apostle Paul gave to the early church.  

Sin must be confronted and repented of.  Sexual immorality must be spoken against, and the life of Christ must be preached.  

Over the past year this has been on my heart.  I have been caught up in many busy things, and some things that have been really good.  I have learned so much from so many great leaders.  

As of April 15th I will be leaving my staff position at Exodus Cry.  This is not a bad thing, I have been asking the Lord for the one thing it is that I am called to in the place of ministry beside ministry to Him. I am giving up on doing so many things. I feel it is time to give a focused attention to a burden the Lord has put in me.  Calling men forward through discipleship and raising the standard of a generation to go against to cultural norms of society.  To see the injustices that are induced by men challenged by men of purity and right standing with God.  It's time for the things that hinder love to be removed.

The Real Men Revolution is coming.  

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