Monday, October 3, 2011

A Ciritical Juncture

     Well I am officially a student at the International House of Prayer.  I have known for almost 3 years now that the Lord has called me to get equipped.  I know for certain I am in the Lords will, and not because it was easy to get here or is easy to be here.  But that I have peace, and also that there is a burden on my heart.  Something I have not felt before. Don't hear me wrong, There are things that I have been passionate about, but I will say that my heart burns to know what is on the Lord's heart for this hour we are in.  There is something that is lacking in this hour, we need to know what is on the Lord's heart and we need Discernment to do so!  It's understanding His corporate dealings with nations, will differ from His individual dealings with people.  But as He deals with the individual, and they respond to Him, they will walk in a level of discernment that will align with what He is saying to the body of Christ as a whole. I am not going into detail on this yet, but it is something the Lord is continuing to show me, which I will share as I get understanding.

     But as far as positioning myself for this, I am in an internship here at  IHOP-KC (International House of Prayer-Kansas City)  called Intro to IHOP.  I was late getting here to start IHOPU  (International House of Prayer University) in August, so Intro will help me get caught up and next fall I will enter IHOPU as a second year student. IHOP-KC is a Mission Base here in Kansas City serving and training  people in so many facets of Crying out for justice, and doing the acts of justice, which I will show more of as I go through this schooling.  The schooling here is intense and comes with a difficult schedule.  But I will say this is the best schooling for preparing anyone for the works of the ministry.  So I am thankful right now that because of your support and partnership, I am in this place of what will be great growth in the knowledge of God, character building, and training!

Some may know about IHOP and some may not, but I say all this to say that we are in a critical juncture in history.  Immorality is out of control, the Gospel is altered to a palatable message lacking the truth of who Jesus is, everyone is in a financial crisis, wars are raging etc........  There is hope, Jesus Christ, the hope of Glory.  I truly believe that not just from IHOP-KC but from Houses of prayer all over God is raising up messengers all  over, in fact I know this.  I will say with all boldness we are on the  the verge of one of the greatest missions movements, that will impact every nation.  Even in the midst of some of the hardest times, this is going to happen.  I have never been so stirred over something.  This is very exciting, because this will be a movement of truth going forth without any compromise. I also believe I am here right now to get equipped for this, and that in my training I will help train thousands. I don't want to just go do some nice missions work, I am talking people proclaiming the Gospel with boldness, authority, and power from on high!  Stay tuned, it's going to be a wild journey and justice will come forth!

Praise the Lord, all nations!  Extol him, all peoples! For great is the steadfast love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.  Praise the Lord!  Psalm 117:1-2

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